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Human have been designing book covers for publishers Wrecking Ball Press for over ten years. Wrecking Ball are internationally recognised as a publisher for the more alternative author and poet. We have established a house style for Wrecking Ball that reflects their progressive ethos, drawing on bold typography and a simple modernist graphic style. Using careful paper selection and mix of bespoke printing techniques, Wrecking Balls publications stand head and shoulders above the competition on the book shelf.

There’s an old saying that “you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Here at Human we tend to disagree with this statement. It’s a big ask to design a cover that represents the characters, events, settings, ideas and emotion of a book all on one front page. If you get it wrong it can make the difference between books flying off the shelves or ending up in the bargain bin. We design books and covers that reflect the content and essence of the written word, creating striking, considered imagery that looks as good in a picture frame as it does on a bookshelf. Combine this with our knowledge of print materials and process and you have a truly beautiful publication.


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