The City Speaks Book Design

Shane Rhodes / Human Design

The City Speaks

Book Design / Publishing


The City Speaks was written by Hull-born poet Shane Rhodes and first aired at the official launch of the UK City of Culture.

The poem’s themes of identity and sense of place have struck a chord and have given voice to a sense of pride in the city.

We wanted to produce a book that would celebrate the beauty of the printed word, local creative talent and pride in the city and its people. With support from local paper merchants G.F.Smith we were able to design something special, a tactile publication that utilises beautiful paper with traditional and modern printing techniques.

Where possible we sourced print, paper, photography and illustration locally. We felt this was important to the integrity of the book, author and reader. Ultimately creating something that was both authentic and engaging, a book thats very fabric was of the city itself.

In essence, ‘The City Speaks’ is a love poem to Hull.


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